Infrastructure & People

30 kilometres away from New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, in I.M.T. Manesar, resides Drishti Lifestyle’s head office and factories, which are spread over 2 units covering an area in excess of  50,000 sqft. It is a space dedicated to the sole purpose of producing 10000 to 12000 units of finished leather goods every month.

We also endeavour to have the latest equipment at our disposal. Investing in specialised machinery for all the major processes required to deliver a high quality product to our valued consumers, has always been a top priority. Amongst others our asset base includes equipment for: splittng, clicking, buffing, washing drums, milling drums, edge-colouring, polishing and stamping.

Our greatest resource will always be our people.
The company has a staff of about 350 people. 80% specialize in production and 20% specialize in different aspects of management such as merchandizing, finance, administration, sourcing, quality control and product development. The 20% consist of a dedicated, professional, international caliber team that helps guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.

To top that off our in-house design team uses their extensive skills and experience, creating a variety of styles, many of which have met with the approval and acceptance of buyers on both sides of the Atlantic.

& Quality control

Aristotle put it best

Quality is not an act, it is a habit

This applies to us also  quality as a habit, an ingredient necessary to guarantee we remain relevant in a competitive marketplace and fulfill the growing need of consumers to experience the best value for their money. But a focus on quality does not mean a compromise on timely delivery. Delivering a high quality product within the right timeframe “ is the challenge we meet everyday; it is how we earn out bread and butter.

Stitches and Checks is the motto of our quality control team who manage the quality of our deliverables by conducting checks in every stage of the manufacturing process “ every step of the way, beginning from leather selection:

Since leather forms 50% of the cost of the finished unit, this receives an especially high degree of attention from us at Drishti. Our customers also benefit from our network of global sourcing and locally from Chennai, Jalandhar and Calcutta, and internationally from reputed Italian, Spanish and Turkish suppliers like Erreci, Montebello, Marmara, Inpelsa and Mostaroao.

Other stages in the process are also given the necessary attention such as colour matching, cutting, stitching, finishing, final check and packaging. It is our rigidity in this regard that keeps us in the good books of our international clientele.

Part of this process also includes, a needle detection machine, a pull-test machine, colour fastness machine for fabric and re-testing of leather / fabric / trims as per the buyers requirements and expectations.

Furthermore, Drishti is friend of the environment. All leather sourced is tested as per international standards. No hazardous materials are used and all waste is disposed off responsibly. The company does not contaminate the ground water and has received a non-objection certificate from the government for the same.

Product development & Sampling

Drishti Lifestyle is one of the most professional organizations in its fraternity and the company can guarantee a quick turnaround to customers on their sampling and product development needs, the company has the capacity and required work force to produce more than a dozen samples everyday, all trims and leather skins are sourced through a network of sourcing personals from across the globe. Because of its in-house design team and their experience and skill, a lot of styles created by Drishti have been approved and accepted in the past by some of the most famous labels from Europe and USA.

The company has a good know how in the areas of embroidery, web stitch, crochet, laser work and printing on leather. The latest achievement of the company has been in developing leather garments with laser cut designs, hand embroidery on leather, foiling and scaling techniques. The company also has an in-house leather development department which has developed vintage leathers and soft waxy leathers with different finishes. This has been appreciated by various customers in Europe and other parts of the world.


Drishti Lifestyle is a new sister concern of Drishti Apparels established in 2013 to cater to the burgeoning demand for quality goods in the European and American market. Drishti Apparels has been one of the leading manufacturers and crafters of leather apparels and leather accessories like bags and belts. Estalished in 1996, the company has been providing complete customized manufacturing and OEM solutions to some of the leading brands and fashion houses across the world. Association with such brands assures that quality and environmental standards implemented by Drishti Lifestyle are approved and recognized by international laws and the fashion fraternity. To affirm our adherence to international laws, safety and welfare of workers Drishti Lifestyle has achieved full WRAP and CT­PAT compliance.

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